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Full time model for photographers and artists for booking info 🔮




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@annacatherinemodel !!! My love <3

@annacatherinemodel !!! My love <3

stringerphotos asked: You're still beautiful even covered in poison ivy :) Hi friend


Top of the world #nyc

Top of the world #nyc

Anonymous asked: How often do you receive messages from men stating that they want to have sex with you? Do you have any theories as to why they do it?

Why do you assume they are all men ?

identityredefined asked: Hey Erica, I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for the follow. My wife and I have followed your work for some time now and find your work beautiful and inspiring. Your style, poise, and grace in front of the camera are inspirational. Keep up the great work, and thanks again. It's an honor to count you as one of my followers. And, by the way, the smile suits you nicely. Carlyle

Thank you! 

Anonymous asked: Wish we could fuck


Anonymous asked: Are we gonna fuck lovely


@endlessverse tending bar in the 1960&#8217;s #eastvillage

@endlessverse tending bar in the 1960’s #eastvillage

Check it out!! @meinmyplace :-)

Check it out!! @meinmyplace :-)